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There are many choices when it comes to purchasing pool fencing. Only Life Saver Pool Fences offers solid aluminum poles and a lifetime warranty ...

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Life Saver Removable Pool Fence

A home swimming pool is great luxury, but it can also be dangerous. Installing a removable mesh pool fence is a great first step towards a great-looking and safe pool ...

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Look at beautiful pool fence installations we’ve completed across the Dallas, Ft Worth metroplex region. Always high quality. Always very beautiful ...

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Why a pool fence from Life Saver of Texas for your home?

We are the authorized dealers in the Dallas, Ft Worth metroplex region for Life Saver Pool Fence Systems. As a Life Saver dealer, we are trained in all aspects of installing and servicing pool fences by the manufacturer. As exclusive dealers for the company, we benefit from annual training at company headquarters. We are fully insured and licensed and we insist on following the strict installation guidelines set by Life Saver Pool Fence. We run and operate a full-time pool fence dealership to service homes of all kinds throughout the central Texas region.

Life Saver Pool Fence is known for manufacturing the most durable pool fence for the safety of children and pets. The material used for Life Saver pool fence is of the highest quality and when combined creates the best looking and strongest fence on the market. Life Saver removable mesh pool fence meets and exceeds safety requirements around the world where the company offers its service. For more than 27 years, Life Saver has made pools safe in Texas, across the US and in international markets.


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For a Pool Fence in Dallas, Ft Worth metroplex region, Think Life Saver of Texas.

At Life Saver of Texas, we offer free estimates and flexible scheduling to cater to busy family schedules. We install great looking pool fences that provide parents, grandparents and caretakers with some peace of mind. It is our hope that every swimming pool in the Dallas, Ft Worth metroplex region is safe for children and pets with the use of a pool fence.

Pool safety is a necessary investment to avoid unspeakable tragedies. A Life Saver Pool Fence ensures that safety of your children when they are around the swimming pool. A pool fence also provides your pets with a safe environment by restricting their access. With a Life Saver Pool Fence you can rest assured that your pool remains what it was meant for, good times.

We can work around your schedule. Call us at 817.689.9090 or email us to book an appointment or discuss your requirements.